PL6 – Power Supply Dimmer DMX

Power supply dimmer DMX-512 for 12V and 24V loads.

Operation ability 1 – 6 channels with maximun power 215 W.



The power supply PL6 operates autonomously or connected with the console DMX 512.

It includes 6 channels with power 36 W / channel and voltage 12V or 24 V.  Total power 215 W.
The display indicates the percentage of the lighting of the channels and the function of the power supply.

The connection of the output is with a terminal strips. To connect with the console use a 3 PIN XLR  or an terminal strip.

With the buttons UP / DOWN you can find the data address of each channel.
To activate the manual check mode hold pressed the buttons (+ ) and ( -) simultaneously for 3 sec. Then the display indicates <1.0.0> . You can choose the preferred channel with the buttons (+ / -) and the preferred lighting percentage with the UP/DOW buttons. At the <7.0.0> address you can control all the channels together (master mode).
To exit the manual check mode pressed the buttons (+ / -) simultaneously.

At the 8  position you activate the rise / fall time  of the steps (cue) from 1 sec to 99 sec. At the state 9 you choose the time ‘’follow’’ of each step from 1 second to 2.5 seconds. At the state 10 you plug in the dimmer at the power supply with the buttons up- down.
At the stage 11 the 4 programs (cue) are activated. With the buttons up-down you can find one of the 4 programs (cue). The first display indicates the letter C the second one the number of the (cue) (1,2,3,4) and the third one the step of the (cue). While you working on this step the indicator C flashes. After the end of the time the cue repeated continuously. When you alter in cue the first three channels, the following three alters at the same way for example (1 and 4, 2 and 5, 3 and 6 e.t.c). To freeze one cue you press the + button, the first display indicates the letter F which is flashing and the time freezes. To reach again the previous stage you hold the plus (+) button .
If you wish when finishing your work to restore the power supply to the initial state, press the buttons +,- at the same time.
When the power supply is connected to the console it can transform its 6 channels into channel one, chanel three or to remain with 6 channels. To achieve that you need to switch off the power supply. By pressing the button (-) you open up the power supply and by holding the button up-down you define how many channels you need 1,3 or 6. You end up the process by holding the button (+).
Note. After the power outage the power supply returns to its last state.
When you want to set the power supply as one channel you have to bridge up all the 6 outputs. Finally if its programed to operate for three channels you have to bridge up the channel 1 and 4, 2 and 5 and 3 and 6.




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